«Conscious and Ethical investing»

«Conscious and Ethical Investing – Investor Life Cycle and Investment Process», by Peter A. Wuffli and Andreas R. Kirchschläger
A special extract from «Conscious Investing» by Christin ter Braak-Forstinger (ed.), Harriman House, 2017, ISBN 978-0-8571-9617-0

Humanity’s current social and environmental challenges require us to dramatically rethink global growth for long-term prosperity and to transform capital markets into a force for good.

This article by Peter Wuffli and Andreas Kirchschläger presents deeper insights into elea’s investment philosophy as a philanthropic impact investor. It explores underlying relationships between individual investors‘ life cycle on the one hand, and strategies for philanthropic investing into entrepreneurial approaches towards maximizing social impact on the other hand.

«Ethical investing»

«Ethical investing», by Peter A. Wuffli
Published in «Schweizer Monat» 12/2016

Ever since it first appeared in 1921, the magazine «Schweizer Monat» has coupled a free-market perspective with a passion for intellectual debate. The article by Peter Wuffli (in German) discusses «ethical investing» from a practical perspective based on liberalism.

«Inclusive Leadership»

«Inclusive Leadership: A Framework for the Global Era», by Peter A. Wuffli
Book published by Springer

The new book from Peter A. Wuffli presents a framework for inclusive leadership based on his diverse experiences across various sectors and with a strong focus on ethics.

«Impact measurement of entrepreneurial philanthropy»

«Impact measurement of entrepreneurial philanthropy», by Peter A. Wuffli, Andreas R. Kirchschläger, and Martin Nay
Special reprint from «Der Schweizer Treuhänder», 6-7/2013

The article explains the «Impact Measurement Methodology» of the elea Foundation and illustrates how it is used internally and externally for its work and communication.

«Innovative Vermögensbewirtschaftung im Stiftungs- und Gemeinnützigkeitsrecht»

«Innovative Vermögensbewirtschaftung im Stiftungs- und Gemeinnützigkeitsrecht: Venture Philanthropy, Social Business, Mission Based Investments zwischen Vision und Haftung», by Harold Grüninger
Special not for sale reprint from «Stiften und Gestalten / Schriften zum Stiftungsrecht Band 4, Basel 2012»

Article by Harold Grüninger in «Stiften und Gestalten: Anforderungen an ein zeitgemässes rechtliches Umfeld, Schriften zum Stiftungsrecht Band 4, Basel 2012, S. 37 - 73, hrsg. von Dominique Jakob»; Helbing Lichtenhahn Verlag,

«Measuring the impact of Entrepreneurial Philanthropy»

«Measuring the impact of Entrepreneurial Philanthropy»
Publication of elea, December 2012

Description of the systematic impact measurement methodology developed by elea and reflection on the context of elea's work.

«Investing and improving the world»

«Investing and improving the world. The new capitalistic ethos»
Special reprint from «Schweizer Monat», July/August 2011

Ever since it first appeared in 1921, the magazine «Schweizer Monat» coupled a free-market perspective with a passion for intellectual debate. The dossier addresses issues linked to capitalism, ethics and investments. elea Foundation supported its launch and content design.

«Liberal Ethics»

«Liberal Ethics – Guidance for the Age of Globalization», by Peter A. Wuffli
Stämpfli Verlag, 2010, ISBN 978-3-7272-1308-3

Peter Wuffli's book combines liberalism and ethics from the perspective of a practitioner, and highlights some possible solutions to issues in areas as diverse as politics, business management and philanthropy.

Drawing on his management experience and activities in various sectors of business and society, Wuffli bridges the gap between theory and practice. He also addresses his responsibility for developments at UBS during the financial crisis.

German, Information and orders from Stämpfli-Verlag

«Entrepreneurial philanthropy with an ethical foundation»

«Entrepreneurial philanthropy with an ethical foundation», by Peter A. Wuffli and Andreas R. Kirchschläger
Specially reprinted from «Management - a Social Responsibility», by Sascha Spoun/Timo Meynhardt (eds.), Nomos Verlagsgesellschaft, 2010, ISBN 978-3-8329-5060-6

Confidence in the profession of management has been seriously undermined by recent events. More than ever, managers face questions about how their actions benefit society.

This article by Peter Wuffli and Andreas Kirchschläger examines ways of building ethical foundations and constructing a philanthropic initiative upon them. The authors take an in-depth look at one particular case: entrepreneurial philanthropy in the field of economic development and the fight against poverty.

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